about us

About us

Driving Innovation with Engineering and
Product Design services

At Arten Solutions we help clients transform ideas and concepts into ready for market products. Using the latest technologies in industrial and mechanical engineering, we take our customers through end-to-end process, delivering complete functional solutions satisfying all needs and requirements while focusing on reducing manufacturing cost by using systematic methodologies.

We also specialized is high temperature additive manufacturing, 3D printing, using high performance advance materials delivering prototype and end use parts.

Arten Solutions has the mechanical engineering expertise and knowledge to create products from scratch to finish. We pride ourselves in good ethics; respecting rules and regulations by creating products that meet safety and environmental standards. We deliver products that meet defined requirements in a timely fashion.

What We Do

Arten Solutions LLC is a leading full-service product development and engineering firm that accelerates part production, research and ideation, rapid prototyping, concept modelling, rapid tooling solutions and focuses on optimizing the process chain with technology-enabled services making sure the product, part and the equipment designed fits the customer’s timeframe and budget.

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