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We strive to astonish our clients with the inspiring solutions that we come up with. Challenges are becoming more intricate, and last but not least we keep the interaction as simple as possible.

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Proficiency in engineering and technology for agile product development

We are a one-step solution provider in mechanical engineering, product development, 3D scanning, prototyping and advanced additive manufacturing (3d printing) For individual, startups and enterprises, enabling them to shrink project timelines, reduce time-to-market and gain early advantage.

Concept Exploration

Elevate initial ideas with low-risk models that look like real products, explore more design options than ever before. From CAD to physical object in no time. We rapidly develop, evaluate, and iterate a range of designs in-house.

Prototyping and Production

Looks-Like: Test design iterations and communicate ideas to stakeholders affordably and quickly.

Works-Like: Reliably develop proofs of concept and test functional prototypes with materials closely matching common injection-molded plastics.

Feels-Like: Simulate a range of materials from rubber-like to rigid and create prototypes with the smooth finish and to have a feel of end products.

3D Scanning, incorporating real-world objects into digital models

Enabling to rapidly capture accurate data of your existing parts with complex shapes and geometries, Our state-of-the-art Scan-to CAD software and hardware (3d scanner) ascertained, thorough engineering knowledge, will supplies you with a complete digital representation of your parts (STL, OBJ, CAD…)

We offer 3d printing services with high-end functional materials, both for prototyping and end-use parts.
from PEEK, PEAK, PEI ULTEM™ 1010, PEI ULTEM™ 9085, PSU, PPS, and more
Industry Insights
  • Additive manufacturing

    We offer a wide range of additive manufacturing processes depending on your need. We’re specialized in high temperature 3d printing where we use advanced and engineering grade material (such as PEEK, PEKK, PEI, PPSU..)
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  • Mechanical Engineering

    From engineering analysis (finite element analysis) such as stress, thermal and fluid, part topology optimization to engineering drawings that complies with universal standard ISO and ANSI/ASME Y14.1 (GD&T y14.5 defined drawings).
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  • Product design and development

    From hand drawn sketch to structural, behavioral and simulation-based model representing the all the technical functions to a fully functional and manufacturable product.
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