Arten Solutions is a one-stop solution provider in mechanical engineering for individuals, startups, and enterprises, enabling them to shrink project timelines and reduce time-to-market.

3D Scanning

Additive Manufacturing

We offer 3D printing services with high-end functional materials, both for prototyping and end-use parts. Materials include PEEK, PEAK, PEI ULTEM™ 1010, PEI ULTEM™ 9085, PSU, PPSU, and more.

3D Printing services

3D Scanning

We will supply you with a complete digital representation of your parts (STL, OBJ, and CAD files), enabling you to capture accurate data of your existing parts with complex shapes and geometries.

Design & Inspection

Design & Inspection

From napkin sketch to large-scale manufacturing, we’ll help every step of the way. Elevate initial ideas with low risk models that mimic real products, to explore more design options than ever before. 

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Product Design And Development

From hand drawn sketches, to structural, behavioral and simulation-based models, to a fully functional and manufacturable product – we cover it all.

LOOKS LIKE: Testing design iterations and communicating ideas to stakeholders affordably and quickly.

WORKS LIKE: Reliably developing proofs of concept and testing functional prototypes. We use materials closely matching common injection-molded plastics.

FEELS LIKE: Simulating a range of materials, from rubber-like to rigid, and creating prototypes that resemble the end product. Visit us at.

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